3 Things to Ask of a Great Auto Body Repair Shop

3 Things to Ask of a Great Auto Body Repair Shop

With how crucial cars are to daily life these days, it’s no wonder that they get dinged up and beat up now and then. When the time comes, you want to find the right shop to fix up your car and these tips can help you narrow your search.

1. Find out What the Hourly Rate Is

Labor costs are a huge part of any repair job. Shop around by asking what each business charges in hourly rates. You might be surprised to learn how vastly different these numbers are, especially when one shop is in a busy, pricey part of town and another is on the outskirts.

2. Talk Warranties

Warranties vary from place to place, and even within a shop based on the work done. Here are a few things that have different types of warranties, so make sure to ask what applies to you:

  • Body work
  • Paint jobs
  • Collision repair

3. Learn About the Materials

If your vehicle needs some new parts, don’t just nod and pay up. Ask about the parts – are they new factory parts? Quality used parts? Or are they aftermarket? Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

There may be a lot of choices out there, but it doesn’t mean that it’s grueling to find the right auto body. Visit this website to learn more about what to ask during auto body repair in Vista.


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