The Benefits of a Tent Trailer

The Benefits of a Tent Trailer

A Tent trailer is a towable type of recreational vehicle that features pop up beds attached to a tent cabin. They offer a moderate alternative to roughing it in the woods with a conventional tent on the ground and to spending a bundle on a fully equipped motorhome. A typical tent trailer offers the following benefits.

1. Sleeping Capacity

Pop up tent trailers usually have two large fold out beds that can sleep five to six people between them. The tent trailer offers plenty of comfortable sleeping space for camping families.

2. Airflow

The cabin and the fold out beds of tent trailers are surrounded by mesh panels that let the air flow naturally though the trailer. This lets you enjoy a much more open, much less stuffy feeling camping experience compared to a usual pitched camping tent.

3. Customizable Amenities

Tent trailers, like other types of recreational vehicles, can be outfitted with utilities ranging from simple to extravagant. Basic trailers may include just a sink and a two burner stove, but higher end models can come equipped with refrigerators, toilets, showers and even air-conditioning.

4. Easily Towable

The majority of pop up tent trailers fall within the towing weight range that many cars, minivans and SUVs are rated for. Tent trailers also have a smaller towing profile than other recreational vehicles since the cabin and beds are collapsible. To find a trailer service in Santa Cruz, visit this website.


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