3 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

3 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

As a teen you might think everyone is picking on you about not being a safe driver. Unfortunately, in this case Mark Twain was wrong when he said statistics were worse than lies. Oceans of data prove that young drivers are higher accident risks. Here are thee tips to help you avoid being one of those statistics.

Nix Those Cellphones!—They are bad news for drivers of all ages. Would you believe that studies show phone use is worse than distracted driving? It’s more like drunken driving, even when you use a hands-off device.

Texts Perplex—Don’t think sending a text takes only a moment. Studies reveal that on average doing so means your eyes are off the road for nearly five seconds. That’s enough time to drive across a football field blindfolded. Enough said.

Don’t try to dodge the bullet by texting while stopped. You still have to be aware of the traffic picture.

Extract Distractions—Never distracted? What about that snack that annoyingly fell in your lap? Who doesn’t act to change the blasting heavy metal station at the start of a commercial? It’s tempting to turn to your co-pilot when chatting. All these make it more likely when something unexpected happens on the road, distracted you will lose control of the car.

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