4 Factors to Consider Before Deciding on an Auto Body Repair Shop

4 Factors to Consider Before Deciding on an Auto Body Repair Shop

While you’re on the way to work a careless driver crushes part of you bumper—a fender bender. You have to choose an auto body shop. How can you tell which is the best? Here are four useful tips:

Word-of-Mouth Is Valuable–Forget the ads and connect with friends and relatives who have had bodywork done. They’ll be happy to recommend a company that did well by them. Frequently, these straight shooters are tucked away off the main drag, many are family owned and have done business for years in the same location.

Location, Location! (And Overhead)–The cost of replacement parts is much the same for all auto body shops, so the determinant cause of the size of your bill will be labor costs. Where the shop is located may cause the hourly rate to vary as much as times three.

Multiple Estimates Are Best–This is a nearly foolproof way of dodging overestimates. Presenting one shop an estimate from another might mean a lower re-estimate.

Be Smart–Ask questions. How about the shop’s warranty? It covers what and for now long? Another insightful query might be about the shop’s fire and theft insurance. Ask questions about the quality and type of parts and the number of paint coats.

For more information and a realistic estimate for your auto body repair in Raleigh area, visit this website.


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