When Topping Off Saves You at the Pump

When Topping Off Saves You at the Pump

Rumor has it that topping off your gas is bad for the environment and your vehicle. Still, when the pump clicks off, many people can’t resist that extra squeeze to get to that nice, even fuel purchase amount.  For pickup truck owners with this bad pump habit, there’s good news.  Instead of topping off your gas, you can buy a topper for your truck that will increase fuel economy and make each trip to the pump more cost-effective.

Defeat Wind Drag

For those of you wondering how a truck topper will help you save fuel, consider that a truck topper can help make your pickup truck more aerodynamic, thus allowing your vehicle to operate more efficiently. When hauling bulky objects, the wind can make your vehicle work harder and not smarter. This is particularly relevant for a vehicle traveling at high speeds.

Maximize Efficiency with a Truck Topper


Historically, trucks have been front line victims when gas prices fluctuate. Truck owners should maximize efforts to minimize the effects of economic changes.  Truck toppers are an excellent method for increasing fuel economy in your vehicle, and a preferable method to topping off your gas at the tank. Visit this website to find fuel-saving truck toppers in San Diego.


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