Keep Control of Your Vehicle with a Functioning CV Axle

What is a CV axle

Do you hear a click-click-clicking sound when you turn your steering wheel? What about a ‘clunk’ when you slow down your car or truck? This could be due to CV joint axle failure. Are you wondering- what is a CV axle? Here is a simple explanation that will help you help your car.

A Connector


A CV axle connects your wheel to the gears in the transmission that propels your vehicle. These are typically used for front wheel drive automobiles. A joint in the axle contains bearings and other parts that are held in by a protective rubber boot.

Functions of a CV Axle


This important connector has many duties including:

  • Reducing friction
  • Providing suspension for bumps and potholes
  • Allowing for axle rotation and length change

Potential Problems


CV axles get a lot of wear and tear from getting knocked around on the roadway. Boots get cracked and torn and cause the internal parts to be compromised and break down.  The part will then need replacement to ensure proper suspension and control of the steering of your car or truck.

Click on this website for more information and to schedule service.  Brake repair in San Diego can also be done at the same time to save you money on labor while the mechanics are servicing near your wheels.


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