Solving Ignition Issues

Most common causes for car ignition problems

Any driver knows that car ignition issues can be a big problem. At first, this can look like a considerable road block in the path of your life, making it almost impossible to get things done. However, there is hope with a good repair team on your side. Finding the cause of the problem is key to fixing it.

Common Causes for Ignition Problems

  • The set of waters that the ignition uses to respond to they key may be worn out from use. They could also be dirty or jammed. The fix may be as simple as cleaning or replacing the wafers.
  • The key itself may be work out, preventing the ignition from responding. This usually means that a replacement is in order.
  • It could be because of a timing belt failure. These belts need to be replaced regularly, and letting the job go can do serious damage to the car.
  • Another common cause is electric fuel pump failure. This can happen when the fuel filter is not changed regularly enough.

Like with any car problems, regular maintenance is usually solution to avoiding anything major. However, if an ignition failure does happen, there’s no reason to despair. A solution is in sight. Getting to the bottom of the issue will make the right course of action easy to find. Click here to learn more about vehicles repair in La Jolla.


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